Matthew Krishanu

Time Out First Thursdays Top Five shows

February 28, 201412:26 pm

Another Country selected as one of Time Out First Thursdays Top Five exhibitions


Wall Street International Magazine: Interview

February 21, 20144:35 pm

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Interview by Stefania Elena Carnemolla

Another Country is an exhibition about travel, dislocation, memory. Which is your distant country? You must have one, your family must have one, even if distant in time. 

The material I was drawing on for Another Country was memories and photographs of my childhood growing up in Bangladesh and India. I am interested in the fact that many of the places featured in my paintings (Sylhet, Mymensingh, Kashmir) have not been painted much (if at all) in the canon of Western contemporary painting. For me, the paintings are about stepping in to ‘Another Country’ – one created from a combination of old photographs, memory, and imagination.

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A-N: The Week’s Top Exhibitions

4:20 pm

Another Country included in A-N’s top five exhibitions of the week



Selections chosen by Jack Hutchinson, 27 Jan 2014