Matthew Krishanu

History and Painting, CAA, Shanghai, China

December 6, 20161:31 pm

‘Boy on a Rock’ 2015, features in an exhibition of British painters to accompany an international symposium on the theme of ‘History and Painting’ at the China Academy of Art, Shanghai, 1 – 7 January 2017.


Richard Baker, Claudia Boese, Julian Brown, Simon Burton, Simon Carter, Ben Coode-Adams, Andrew Crane, Annabel Dover, Pippa Gatty, Terry Greene, Susan Gunn, Alex Hanna, Matthew Krishanu, David Lock, Cathy Lomax, Nicholas Middleton, Michael Middleton, Andrew Munoz, Gideon Pain, Robert Priseman, James Quin, Bruer Tidman, Sean Williams

Curated by Robert Priseman

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